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The Perfect Big Breakfast Hash Brown

Easy hash browns to serve with Huon Smoked Salmon for lazy weekend breakfast. Serve with your favourite big brekkie sides like fried eggs, fried tomatoes and mushrooms and baby spinach.

Prep Time

    •    Prep time: 10 minutes
    •    Cook time: 10 minutes
    •    Yield: Serves 4


    •    1 tsp salt
    •    1/4 cup olive oil
    •    4 medium potatoes, scrubbed
    •    200g Premium Huon Cold Smoked Salmon


  1. Grate the potatoes on a large-holed cheese grater. In a fine-mesh sieve, rinse the grated potato until the water runs clear.
  2. Drain the potatoes, then place them potato on a clean tea towel. Twist the towel to remove as much moisture from the potatoes as possible.
  3. Spread the grated potato onto a tray and sprinkle with the salt.
  4. In a large frypan, warm the oil over medium heat until shimmering. Spread the potatoes over the frypan in an even layer and allow a few gaps to help cook the potato. Let them cook undisturbed for 2 minutes.
    Stir again, and cook for another 2 minutes.
  5. When the potatoes start to colour, push them together to create your hash browns and press them down. Continue to cook for about 4 to 8 minutes or until the potatoes are golden brown and crispy.
  6. Transfer the hash browns onto paper towel and let them drain for a minute.
    Season to taste with additional salt and serve hot.
  7. Serve with Huon Smoked Salmon and your choice of sides. We recommend fried eggs, tomatoes, mushroom and spinach.

This great family recipe is thanks to Huon Aqua Recipes at


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