Sausages / Game

Our goal here at Farmers Market and Hooked Fish Gallery, is bring our customers the finest meat and seafood. All of which has been carefully and  ethically sourced.

We are proud to introduce the first two sausages that have been hand made and crafted right here in Hong Kong. Using only the finest ingredients. Creating mouth watering 100% pure pork sausages, with no fillers, binders or preservatives and lightly spiced with an array of herbs.

All our sausages are made fresh, delivered to you fresh, and packaged inside a non plastic, home compostable bag.

Our new range begins with...

The Early Riser - Full of peppery zing and spices to kick start your morning.

The All-Rounder - Perfect for any situation and always hits the spot. It never lets you down.

Love to hear your comments/feedback or any suggestions on what you like in a sausage. So do drop us a line at or Whatsapp us on +852 9556 0070

Frozen - Pure Pork All Day All Rounder Sausage, Approx 500g Pack
FROZEN - Pure Pork Breakfast Early Riser Sausage, Approx 500g Pack
Frozen Sausage Feast - 2 Packs each(early riser/all day)
Fresh Smoked Organic Austrian Game Cabanossi
Fresh Smoked Organic Austrian Game Snack Stick
Frozen - NZ Saveloy Sausage
Frozen - NZ Saveloy Sausage/Sauce