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    60 Seconds With..... interviews

    Interview with Nathan Solia from EPT Studio

    Great catch up with Nate Solia from EPT Studio at Wong Chung Hang this morning.  Nate is a veteran expat in Hong Kong and has dedicated his like to health and fitness.  I did find out the important things this morning like "is he single?" and "does he have fat days" so make sure to watch the interview to find out!

    If you want to find out more about Nate and his studio check out http://www.eliteptstudio.com/

    Interview with Yolanda from HF Private Kitchen

    Was a pleasure to talk to Yolanda from HF Private Kitchen who offers home cooking classes to mums and helpers.  Yolanda mostly teaches Cantonese/Chinese cooking and has a professional chef on staff to help keep these dishes new, creative and tasty!  

    You can find out more about Yolanda and her cooking classes on her facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/hfcooking/ or email her for more information hf.cookingclass@gmail.com.

    Intervew with Freddie.G from Caribbean Kitchen

    Freddie.G from Caribbean Kitchen brings a unique Afro Caribbean twist to cooking in Hong Kong.  Freddie works on a number of different project and loves being a pop up chef cooking in different places all the time, but rugby does come first....

    You can find out more about Freddie and his cooking on his website http://www.caribbeankitchen.com.hk/


    Interview with Morgan Chang from Pinnacle Performance

    I'm inspired to see so many people taking the health and fitness industry to the next level.  Morgan Chang from Pinnacle Performance is in charge of Pinnacle eAt, a tailored healthy meal delivery service catered to individuals and corporates who want to eat great food without the hard work of sourcing and preparation.  

    Was also great to hear that Morgan is human and does have bad food days just like the rest of us!

    Interview with Jenny Chapman - aka Jenny From The Paddock

    Fantastic interview with Jenny Chapman aka Jenny From The Paddock as she is often referred to because of her role as a TV personality working for the Hong Kong Jockey Club.  

    I had no idea I was meeting such a high profile celebrity finding out that Jenny used to be an Australian Jockey champion as well as someone who has had a drink with Princess Diana!