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    Farmer's Market was established in Hong Kong with the aim to bring restaurant quality products to the retail market.

    Australian businesswomen Emma Pike established the company with the aim of providing exceptional meat products and fine foods Hong Kong families.  Products including fresh Australian beef, lamb, pork, salmon, chicken, sausages and more.

    As a mother Emma has a passion to provide the most wholesome food to Hong Kong families at an affordable price.

    Emma Pike

    Emma grew up in Sydney Australia and moved to Hong Kong in 2006.  Emma has two children and has been working previously as a squash coach and web designer over the past 10 years.

    Over the past few years Emma feels that the meat quality in Hong Kong has been deteriorating so when Farmer’s Market launched with restaurant quality meat she was excited to bring it to market and hopes in the future to educate people on the different qualities of meat and why it is important to know where it comes from. 

    Emma also hopes that Farmer’s Market can become the leading trusted online butcher of Hong Kong.