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    Hear what some of our customers have to say about our products and services.  If you would like to send us a testimonial please email us at epike@farmersmarket.com.hk we love hearing from all our customers.

    Heather Thomas Shalabi - Flex Studio

    As one of HK's pickiest eaters, I am delighted to recommend Farmers Market to discerning foodies.  I love the selection of hormone-free, cruelty-free and sustainably raised products, from her delicious tenderloin, to the chicken and fish.  We LOVE the whole salmon.  In addition to the ethical meat choices, the online platform for ordering and delivery options are also outstanding.  Simple to navigate and easy to use, deliveries arrive at the house practically once I've confirmed the order.  Thanks Emma, for bringing your products and service level to Hong Kong!

    Heshin Kim

    I have been ordering from Farmers Market for several years and the experience has been great every time.  While some items are often out of stock, it gives me comfort that this is because the products are freshly sourced from Australia.  The email alerts that notify of fresh arrivals are great. My favourites are portioned salmon, chicken breasts, beef tenderloin and pork tenderloin.  I like to order large chunks frozen and slice them thinly just before cooking.
    I highly recommend their service, particularly these days when we must be mindful of hormone levels.

    Nick Marsh

    We have used Farmers Market for over 3 years, and in that time, ordered meat and fish pretty much every month. The quality of food is very good, and the customer service is always excellent, often going above and beyond to enable ordering when I've made a human error..!  Delivery is always prompt as promised and the food arrives in heat proof bags.  An excellent service and will happily refer and recommend.


    It gives me piece of mind knowing my family's suppers use the best quality meat, chicken and fish.  Knowing where my food comes from is really important to me, and ordering couldn't be easier.

    Peter Heavyside

    We keep returning to Famer's Market , particularly for the fish, because it is consistently good value, great quality and tasty!

    Alice Lai

    I’ve been ordering from Farmers Market since the business started and have always received good service from Emma and her team. I’ve not had any issues with delivery and more importantly her products are always fresh and tasty. Overall a reliable source for quality meat/fish at a reasonable price.

    Simone Henry

    Moving to Hong Kong we found it was hard to get quality meat at good prices, we now order every month with Framers Market and stock up on quality Australian meat. We have always been happy with our orders! 


    Allie Tsoi

    First of all, the meat and seafood are all sourced from sustainable farms in Australia, traceable, great value and they're also all top quality and absolutely delicious.   The website is very easy to navigate, delivery is the next day, and customer service is second to none.

    Farmers Market is my, and my family's, favorite butcher.  They're a one stop shop for all your meat and seafood needs!


    Jenny Chapman

    I have been purchasing my meat, salmon & salts from Farmers Market for a long period of time & have been extremely happy with the quality of the products.  Not only are the meats & salmon  delicious, but they are easily purchased via their website & punctuality of delivery is excellent.  Emma and Vivian are always there for assistance if need be & are extremely helpful with any queries.


    Nathan Solia

    Since she knows the source, I feel very comfortable being able to say it is also organic without the stamp.

    In the past, I have notice that sometimes, grass fed beef can be tough. This beef however is the BEST tasking beef I have had in a long time and couple with its healthy grass fed variety I am inclined to only order this meat.


    Brian Burrell – Actor/Director

    雖然影得唔靚,但係呢塊牛扒超好味。其實我平時唔食牛除非好似呢個 由出世到劏都係健康食草!多謝Farmers Market

    The picture of this steak is not so good but the flavor is absolutely delicious. I usually don’t eat beef but this beef has been 100% grass fed it’s entire life and naturally farmed. Thank you Farmer’s Market.


    Chantal Cook

    Not only has Farmers Market made shopping stress free, it has changed the way I look at what I am purchasing.  Having moved to Hong Kong over 5 years ago, I tend to stick to what I know and buy from mainly my mother country.  Farmers Market has managed to do that for me by delivering to my doorstep the very next day, so all meal plans for the week are organised at a click of a button.  But most of all I have gain a real understanding to what it is I am feeding my family, on where the product comes from and what it's being fed, no hormons. Emma & Vivian go beyond your typical butcher and have built a business on outstanding service and communication. I have no hesitation in recommending Farmers Market as my go to source for dinner.


    Kate Geary

    “We don’t eat a great deal of meat, but when we do we are particular about the quality and where the meat is sourced from.  Their meat is sourced from our home country Australia and is the best we’ve found here in HK by far.  We’ve tried a number of suppliers and have found that Farmer’s Market have consistently provided the highest quality cuts and best customer service.  Can’t recommend them more!”