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Caramelized Salmon

This caramelized salmon is simple, healthy and completely gorgeous. Just five ingredients and 20 minutes get that browned caramelized crust on the salmon. Prep Time     •    Prep time: 5 minutes    •    Cook time: 20 minutes    •    Yield: Serves 4 Ingredients     •    olive oil    •    1/2 cup sugar    •   ...

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Slow Cooker Beef Stew

This easy slow cooker beef stew is perfect for chilly days! A delicious, old fashioned beef stew recipe simmered in the slow cooker with tender meat, carrots, potatoes and celery. Prep Time     •    Prep Time: 30 minutes    •    Cook Time: 8 hours    •    Yield: Serves 8 Ingredients For the...

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The Best Tandoori Prawns

The best tandoori prawn with a recipe for an easy marinade that only takes a few minutes. This Indian appetizer is grilled which lends it a smoky flavor. Prep Time     •    Prep time: 10 minutes    •    Cook time: 10 minutes    •    Yield: Serves 2 Ingredients For the marinade:    ...

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Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Chicken

This easy Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Chicken recipe cooks up easily in the pressure cooker with simple pantry ingredients. Comes together quickly in a zesty and flavorful cilantro lime marinade perfect for grilling or baking. Prep Time     •    Prep time: 12 minutes    •    Cook time: 20 minutes    •    Yield:...

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Milk Pork

Prep Time     •    Prep and cook time: about 2 hours    •    Yield: Serves 6 Ingredients     •    2 bay leaves    •    2 tbsps butter    •    Salt and pepper    •    4 cup whole milk    •    1 onion, cut in half    •    1 carrot, cut in half    •    2 large rosemary...

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