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    Recipes — duck

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    Orange Glazed Duck with Crushed Potato, Green Beans and Roasted Tomato

    One of my favourites has to be duck and orange. Some might call it retro. We say it's a classic. With this recipe you're going to learn how to melt the fat on the duck breasts. Cheffy types call this 'rendering' and it makes the skin lovely and crisp. Enjoy!

    Prep Time

        •    Prep time: 15 minutes
        •    Cook time: 25 minutes
        •    Yield: Serves 2


        •    1 pack potato, chopped
        •    1 garlic clove, grated
        •    2 large vine tomatoes, halved
        •    pack green beans
        •    bunch flat leaf parsley, chopped
        •    1 orange
        •    2 duck breasts


    1. Preheat your oven to 200°C, Fan 180°C, Gas Mark 6

    2. Chop the potato into 2cm cubes (no need to peel). Peel and grate the garlic (or use a garlic press). Cut the tomato in half through the equator. Trim the tops off the green beans. Pick the parsley leaves from their stalks and roughly chop (discard the stalks). Zest the orange, then cut in half.

    3. Pop the potato into one of your pans of boiling water. Cook until tender, about 15 mins. Drain in a colander and return to the pan. Put the tomato halves on a baking tray, cut-side up. In a bowl, mix the garlic with a splash of olive oil, a pinch of salt and a grind of black pepper. Spoon onto each tomato half. Pop on the top shelf of your oven. Roast for 20 mins.

    4. Next, prepare each duck breast by scoring the skin gently in a criss-cross pattern. Tip - Scoring the skin will help to melt the duck fat under the skin. Season with a pinch of salt and a grind of black pepper.

    5. Put a frying pan over medium heat and add the duck, skin-side down. As the duck fat melts, pour it into a bowl. Continue until the skin is golden brown and crispy, 5-7 mins (although it may take longer). Turn the duck over and brown the flesh-side. Add the zest of the orange then squeeze in its juice. Coat the duck then transfer to the tomato baking tray in the oven. Roast for 5 mins.

    6. When the duck goes in the oven, pop the green beans into your second pan of boiling water. Cook until tender, 5 mins. Crush the potato with a potato masher or fork, mix in a splash of olive oil and half of the parsley. Pop a lid on to keep them warm.

    7. When the duck is cooked, take it out of your oven and let it rest on a chopping board for 5 mins before serving. This ensures it will be juicy! Spoon a generous amount of potato onto each plate and put some green beans alongside. Slice the duck breasts and pop on top of the beans. Finish with a roasted tomato top with the remaining parsley, and pour the orange sauce over the duck. Tuck in!

    This great family recipe is thanks to Gressingham-Duck Recipes at https://www.gressinghamduck.co.uk/recipes/orange-glazed-duck

    Dinner Tonight: Seared Duck Breast with Red Wine and Figs Recipe

    Prep Time

        •    Prep time: 5 minutes
        •    Cook time: 25 minutes
        •    Yield: Serves 4


        •    2 duck breasts, with skin still on
        •    Salt and pepper
        •    1 pinch sugar
        •    1/4 medium onion, chopped
        •    1/2 garlic clove, minced
        •    1/2 cup red wine
        •    1/2 tbsp red wine vinegar
        •    1 tbsp fig preserves
        •    Small sprig fresh thyme, rosemary, or sage, plus more for a garnish


    1. Preheat the oven to 450°F. Sprinkle the duck breasts with a pinch of sugar, salt and pepper.

    2. Place an iron-skillet over medium-high heat. Place the duck breasts in the pan skin-side down. They should start to render enough fat to sear. Cook for 3 minutes, moving them around to make sure the skin doesn't burn.

    3. Flip the breasts over and place the pan into the oven. Cook for 5 minutes. Then remove the breasts, set aside, and turn off the oven.

    4. Return the skillet to the stove top and turn the heat to medium. Add the onions to cook in the rendered duck fat. Cook for 10 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for a minute. Then add the wine, vinegar, fig preserves, and herb sprig. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 15 minutes. Then strain the sauce into a small saucepan.

    5. With five minutes left in cooking the sauce, place the duck breasts back into the oven to warm. The oven should be turned off, but there should be enough heat to gently warm the breasts back up. Slice the duck into 1/2-inch thick pieces, and spoon on some of the sauce. Garnish with some herbs.

    This great family recipe is thanks to Serious-Eats Recipes at https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/01/dinner-tonight-seared-duck-breast-with-red-wine-and-figs-recipe.html

    Simmered Duck with Cabbage & Potato

    Treat yourself to Barney Desmazery's one-pan solo supper - with the extra bonus of next to no washing up

    Prep Time

        •    Prep and cook time: Ready in a relaxed 50-60 minutes
        •    Yield: Serves 1


        •    1 duck breast, about 200g/8oz
        •    2 rashers smoked back bacon, each chopped into about 6 pieces
        •    1 medium waxy potato such as Desirée or Maris Piper, peeled and cut into about 8 chunks
        •    ¼ Savoy cabbage, roughly shredded (core removed)
        •    150ml chicken stock
        •    large pinch chopped parsley
        •    small pinch chopped garlic (optional)


    1. Heat a small saucepan (one with a lid) on a medium heat. Season the breast, lay it skin side down in the pan and reduce the heat to the lowest it will go. Leave to sizzle for about 15 minutes, uncovered, until the skin is golden and crisp and has rendered most of its fat. Don’t shake the pan or move the duck.
    2. Remove the duck (the meat side will be raw). Pour out just over half the fat (save it for frying vegetables another time) and turn up the heat slightly. Add the bacon and fry for 2-3 minutes until starting to crisp. Add the potato, cover and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the potato looks sticky and has just started to brown at the edges.
    3. Tip in the cabbage and stir until glossy, then pour in the stock. Nestle the duck, skin side up, among the cabbage and potato and cover the pan. Simmer gently for 10 minutes until the veg is tender and the duck cooked. Remove the duck from the pan and stir in the parsley and garlic. To serve, spoon the veg, bacon and juice on to a plate and sit the duck on top. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy the flavours of autumn.

    This great family recipe is thanks to BBC Goodfood Recipes at https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1311/simmered-duck-with-cabbage-and-potato

    Duck Breast with Soba Noodles and Mango

    Casual and a little gourmet, this duck and noodles dish could be your dinner in under 30 minutes.

    Prep Time

        •    Prep time: 15 minutes
        •    Cook time: 15 minutes
        •    Yield: Serves 4


        •    4 x 180g duck breast fillets (see note), skin scored
        •    2 tbsps hoisin sauce
        •    270g packet soba noodles
        •    1/3 cup (80ml) soy sauce
        •    1 tbsp sesame oil
        •    1 tbsp brown sugar
        •    Juice of 1 lime
        •    1 mango, sliced
        •    2 cups watercress sprigs


    1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
    2. Season the duck, then place, skin-side down, in a non-stick ovenproof frypan over low heat. Cook for 5-6 minutes until most of the fat has rendered and the skin is crisp. Turn, then brush skin with hoisin sauce. Transfer to the oven and bake for 6 minutes or until just cooked but still pink in the centre. Rest, loosely covered with foil, for 5 minutes.
    3. Meanwhile, cook noodles according to packet instructions, then drain. Whisk soy, oil, sugar and lime juice together to make a dressing, then toss half with the noodles.
    4. Thinly slice the duck and serve with the mango, watercress and noodles. Drizzle with the remaining dressing.

    This great family recipe is thanks to Taste Recipes at https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/duck-breast-soba-noodles-mango/ec8420f4-cbcb-4fca-9fb9-d719eaba9a68?r=recipes/duckrecipes&c=587fa22a-fb2a-45f4-a27d-4a52fb3e49d6/Duck%20recipes




    Duck breast with Three Red Fruits

    A simply seasoned pan-fried duck breast is served with a ruby red sauce made with red plums, strawberries and raspberries.

    Prep Time

        •    Prep time: 15 minutes
        •    Cook time: 15 minutes
        •    Yield: Serves 2


        •    1 tbsp butter
        •    1 stick cinnamon
        •    3 red plums, cut into small pieces
        •    150g strawberries, halved
        •    150g raspberries
        •    1 tbsp honey, or to taste
        •    salt and black pepper, to taste
        •    300g duck breast


    1. In a saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the cinnamon stick, fruit and honey. Stir well, and simmer for about 7 minutes, until the fruit is soft.
    2. Score the skin of the duck breast in a diamond pattern. Season with salt and pepper. Place in a hot frying pan over medium high heat, and cook until skin is browned, about 7 minutes. Turn over and cook for another few minutes, till the duck is medium rare. Slice the duck breast in half to check for doneness, and continue cooking till medium rare if needed. The breast should still be pink in the centre.
    3. Slice the breast into thin slices and serve with the warm sauce ladled over top.
    4. To serve: Roasted potatoes sprinkled with fresh rosemary is a great side dish to serve alongside this duck.

    This great family recipe is thanks to allrecipes Recipes at http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/29938/duck-breast-with-three-red-fruits.aspx