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    Recipes — stir fry

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    Stir-fried Pork with Ginger & Honey

    This healthy noodle dish is deliciously low-fat with a great mix of Asian flavours- the perfect midweek supper

    Prep Time

        •    Prep time: 5 minutes
        •    Cook time: 10 minutes
        •    Yield: Serves 2


        •   2 nests medium egg noodles
        •   2 tsp cornflour
        •   2 tbsp soy sauce
        •   1 tbsp honey
        •   1 tbsp sunflower oil
        •   250g/9oz pork tenderloin, cut into bite-sized pieces
        •   thumb-sized piece ginger, finely chopped
        •   2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
        •   1 green pepper, deseeded and sliced
        •   100g mange tout
        •   1 tsp sesame seed


    1. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil and cook the noodles following pack instructions. Meanwhile, mix the cornflour with 1 tbsp water, then stir in the soy sauce and honey, and set aside.
    2. Heat the oil in a wok over a high heat. Add the pork and cook for 2 mins until browned all over. Add the ginger, garlic, pepper and mangetout, and cook for a further 2 mins. Reduce the heat, then add the soy and honey mixture, stirring and cooking until the sauce bubbles and thickens. Divide the drained noodles between 2 bowls. Top with the pork and vegetables, and finish with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

    This great family recipe is thanks to BBC Goodfood Recipes at https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1897693/stirfried-pork-with-ginger-and-honey

    One Pot Teriyaki Beef Zoodles

    Teriyaki Beef Zoodles {Zucchini Noodles} is an easy one pan meal perfect for busy weeknights. Made with tender steak, juicy pineapples and spiralized zucchini noodles. It can be made lower carb or gluten free with paleo-friendly options. Takes only 30 minutes to make. It’s an easy meal that comes together in about 30 minutes – perfect for those busy weeknights and a great way to sneak in some extra green.

    The homemade teriyaki sauce is the same one I use for this Teriyaki Chicken and Teriyaki Shrimp recipe and is super simple to make. I am a huge pineapple fan and always love adding it to teriyaki sauce. It gives it that additional layer of tangy sweetness to the teriyaki sauce.

    The zoodles are tossed into the pan near the end for no more than 2 minutes. They soften up slightly with a nice bite. You can also serve the zoodles raw as a salad if you’d like with the beef and pineapples over top. Either way, it’s a fun way to get more oodles of zoodles into your life.

    Prep Time

        •    Prep time: 18 minutes
        •    Cook time: 10 minutes
        •    Yield: Serves 3-4


        •   Sauce
        •   1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce gluten free tamari or coconut aminos for a paleo version
    2-3 tbsps honey coconut sugar or low calorie sweetener of your choice (adjust amount according to your preference)
    3 tbsps rice vinegar
    2 garlic cloves minced
    1/2 teaspoon grated ginger
    1 tbsp corn starch or use arrowroot powder or tapioca starch for a paleo version
    2 tbsps water plus more as needed (to thin out sauce)
        •   For the zoodles
    8 ounces flank steak sliced against the grain into 1/4-inch thick slices
    1 tbsp sesame oil
    Salt and black pepper to taste
    5-6 medium zucchini cut into noodles using a spiralizer or a vegetable peeler (blotting with a paper towel helps to absorb excess moisture)
    3 tbsps olive oil divided (coconut oil for paleo)
    1 cup pineapple chunks [fresh frozen or canned (drained) - I used fresh - leave out for lower cal option]
    Salt black pepper and red chili flakes to taste, optional)


        •   Sesame Seeds
    Lunch containers for meal prep


    1. For the sauce: Combine all the ingredients (except for the water) for the sauce into a medium bowl.
    2. In a separate large bowl, combine steak with salt, pepper, sesame oil and drizzle 1-2 tablespoons of sauce over top. Allow to marinate while you spiralize the zucchini noodles.
    3. Spiralize the zucchini into noodles using a spiralizer or a vegetable peeler.

    For the zoodles:

    1. Heat 1-2 tablespoons oil in a large skillet on medium high heat until pan starts to get smoky. Add beef and allow to sear and brown on both sides (about 1 minute). Transfer onto a plate.
    2. Return pan to heat. Heat the remaining oil and add pineapples and cook until softened, around 1 minute. Stir in the beef and sauce, and turn heat to high. Allow sauce to bubble and thicken up. Add reserved water (only as needed) little by little, to thin out the sauce.
    3. *If cooking the zucchini noodles, add into pan and use tongs to toss and coat with sauce. Cook for 1-2 minutes until zucchini is just tender but still firm. Be careful not to overcook.
    4. Serve immediately and garnish with green onions and sesame seeds if desired.
    5. For meal prep - divide evenly into lunch containers. Store in fridge for up to four days.

    NOTES: *Be careful not to overcook zucchini noodles - leave them in the pan no more than 1-2 minutes as they continue to soften once they cook.

    MAKE AHEAD-TIPS for this One Pot Teriyaki Beef Zoodles:

        •   Spiralize the zucchini before hand and store in an zip-top freezer bag in the fridge or the freezer
        •   Cut pineapples and store in the fridge the day before in an airtight container

    This great family recipe is thanks to Life Made Sweeter. Recipes at https://lifemadesweeter.com/teriyaki-beef-zoodles/

    Better-than-Takeout Stir-Fried Udon

    Prep Time

        •    Prep time: 5 minutes
        •    Cook time: 25 minutes
        •    Yield: Serves 4


        •   2 tbsp vegetable oil, divided
        •   4 cups very coarsely chopped green cabbage (from about ¼ medium head)
        •   2 7-ounce packages instant udon noodles, flavor packets discarded
        •   2 tbsp toasted sesame oil
        •   8 ounces ground pork
        •   5 scallions, white and pale-green parts coarsely chopped, dark-green parts thinly sliced
        •   2 teaspoons finely grated fresh ginger (from a 1-inch knob)
        •   1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
        •   ⅓ cup mirin
        •   ⅓ cup soy sauce
        •   1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds, plus more for serving


    1. Heat 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high. Add cabbage and cook, tossing often, until edges are browned, about 4 minutes. Reduce heat to low and continue to cook, tossing often, until thickest parts of cabbage leaves are tender, about 4 minutes longer. Remove from heat and set skillet aside.
    2. Place udon in a large heatproof bowl (or pot if you don’t have one) and cover with 6 cups boiling water. Let sit 1 minute, stirring to break up noodles, then drain in a colander. Transfer noodles back to bowl and toss with sesame oil. Transfer cabbage to bowl with noodles. Wipe out skillet.
    3. Heat remaining 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil in same skillet over medium-high and add pork, breaking up and spreading across surface of pan with a spatula or tongs. Cook pork, undisturbed, until underside is brown, about 3 minutes. The pork will never brown if you’re fussing with it the whole time, so when we say “undisturbed,” that means keep your paws off it and let the heat of the pan and the pork do their thing. When pork is browned, break up meat into small bits. Cook, tossing, just until there’s no more pink, about 1 minute. Add chopped scallions (the pale parts), ginger, and red pepper. Continue to cook, tossing often, until scallions are softened and bottom of skillet has started to brown, about 1 minute. Add udon mixture, mirin, and soy sauce and cook, tossing constantly, until noodles are coated in sauce (be sure to scrape bottom of skillet to dissolve any browned bits), about 45 seconds. Remove from heat and fold in 1 Tbsp. sesame seeds and dark-green parts of scallions. Top with more sesame seeds before serving.

    This great family recipe is thanks to Bonappetit Recipes at https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/stir-fried-udon-with-pork

    Lebanese Chicken Tawook

    Shish tawook, a traditional Lebanese dish, becomes juicy and tender from a simple marinade of fresh lemon juice and garlic.

    Prep Time

        •    Prep time: 10 minutes
        •    Cook time: 7 minutes
        •    Yield: Serves 4


        •  20 ounces boneless skinless chicken breasts - cut in cubes
    1 juice and zest of lemon
    2 cloves garlic grated
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon pepper
        •  1 tbsp olive oil
        •  fresh parsley to serve


    1. Place chicken breasts cubes in a glass bowl or large resealable plastic bag.
    2. Add lemon juice, zest, grated garlic, salt and pepper to the chicken toss until chicken is evenly coated with marinade. Refrigerate for 20 minutes or up to overnight.
    3. Heat pan over medium-high heat and add olive oil. Add chicken to the pan along with all of the marinade. Sauté chicken, stirring frequently, until lightly browned, about 5-7 minutes.
    4. Serve with fresh minced parsley on top.

    This great family recipe is thanks to The Lemon Bowl at https://thelemonbowl.com/lebanese-chicken-tawook/?utm_campaign=yummly&utm_medium=yummly&utm_source=yummly

    Barramundi Fillets with Soy and Ginger Sauce

    Try this delicious fish fillets in a light Asian sauce recipe at home.

    Prep Time

        •    Prep time: 20 minutes
        •    Cook time: 25 minutes
        •    Yield: Serves 4


        •   1 tbsp fish sauce
        •   1 tbsp soy sauce
        •   2 tsp sugar
        •   2 tsp Gourmet Garden Chilli
        •   2 tsp Gourmet Garden Garlic
        •   2 tsp Gourmet Garden Ginger OR
        •   2 tbsp Gourmet Garden Wok Seasoning
        •   juice of 1 lime
        •   4 Barramundi fillets in pan


    1. Combine fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar, Gourmet Garden Chilli, Garlic, Ginger OR Gourmet Garden Wok Seasoning and lime juice.
    2. Stir together and set aside.
    3. Place Barramundi fillets in pan (with small amount of oil) and cook for 2-3 mins per side until cooked. Stir-fry Asian greens of choice in separate pan. Serve Barramundi fillets on bed of Asian greens.
    4. Pour sauce over fish and greens. Enjoy!

    This great family recipe is thanks to Lifestyle Food at https://www.lifestylefood.com.au/recipes/18704/barramundi-fillets-with-soy-and-ginger-sauce