Cevapi with Ajvar

These flatbreads filled with grilled meat (cevapi) and red pepper sauce (ajvar) are ideal if you have your mates coming over. Make the cevapi at least a few hours before you want to cook them, or ideally the night before. Prep Time     •    Prep and cook time: 1 hour...

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Jamie’s Meatloaf

A good meatloaf with freshly made tomato sauce is great comfort food. It’s made along similar lines to meatballs and burgers, and trust me – anyone who tries it will love this just as much. Prep Time     •    Prep and cook time: 1 hour    •    Yield: Serves 4-6 Ingredients    ...

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Messy Meatball Buns

Prep Time     •    Prep and cook time: 20 minutes    •    Yield: Serves 4 Ingredients     •    4 soft burger buns    •    400g lean minced beef    •    1 x 125g ball of mozzarella    •    8 heaped tsps green pesto    •    1 x 400g tin of plum tomatoes Method Use your...

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