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Spinach Coconut Milk Soup With Curried Shrimp

Prep Time

    •    Prep time: 5 minutes
    •    Cook time: 25 minutes
    •    Yield: Serves 3-4


    •    2 cans coconut milk
    •    1 1/2 tsps curry powder salt to taste
    •    1 tbsp raw shrimp, peeled and de-veined
    •    1 cup frozen spinach, or several handfuls of fresh


The spinach and coconut milk purée has such a great flavour and texture that you don't even need to add broth.

    •    In a blender: purée coconut milk and spinach until smooth.

    •    In a deep saucepan: melt the butter. Add the shrimp and sprinkle curry powder on top. Sauté 2 minutes, then add coconut milk with spinach. Bring to a boil then turn of heat. Salt to taste and serve.

This great family recipe is thanks to Wizard Recipes at


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