Frozen Chicken

Unfortunately we can not offer a portioning service for chicken items. 

Chicken has a very short shelf life whilst fresh so we suggest eating or freezing it within 2-3 days of receiving it. 

The chicken breasts & thighs arrive fresh every Monday from Lilydale farms in Australia.  Our chicken wings are from Golden Farms in Australia and our Whole Chickens & Drumsticks are from Brinks in New Zealand. 

Our restaurant quality duck is sourced from family-owned Australian company, Luv-a-Duck.

All of our Chicken is free of hormones, antibiotic free and sourced from responsible sources.

NOTE:  If you are ordering frozen chicken there maybe an expiry date on the packet however that expiry date is only for fresh products, once frozen the product can be kept for 6 months frozen after that date.

FROZEN - AUS Free Range Chicken Breast, 700-900gm Sold Out
FROZEN - Free Range Chicken Breast, 2 x 700-900gm Sold Out
FROZEN - AUS Free Range Chicken Thigh, 500-700gm Sold Out
FROZEN - Free Range Chicken Thigh, 2 x 500-700gm Sold Out
FROZEN- AUS Free Range Chicken Mince 500gm Sold Out
FROZEN - New Zealand Chicken Drumsticks - 4 per pack
FROZEN - ORGANIC New Zealand Whole Chicken 1.5kg
FROZEN - Supreme Chicken Pack: 4 x Breast packets Sold Out