Frozen Pork

At Farmers Market Hong Kong, we offer a wide selection of frozen pork products that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for mince to make a delicious ragout or tenderloin for a special dinner, we have what you need. Our pork rack is perfect for roasting, and our sausages are perfect for grilling. We also offer a variety of marinated pork products that are ready to cook. For the best value and quality, purchase your frozen pork from Farmers Market Hong Kong.

Our Australian Pork is from Long River in Australia's who has a focused on delivering high quality consistent products to consumers through supermarkets, butchers, food service businesses and smallgoods processors.

FROZEN - Lean Pork Mince 250gm
FROZEN - Lean Pork Mince, 4 x 250gm On Sale
$196.00 $185.00
FROZEN - Pork Tenderloin, 450-550gm
FROZEN - Pork Collar Butt (Rindless), 1.4- 1.9kg
FROZEN - Murray Valley Rack of Pork (Rindless), 2.1 -2.5kg
FROZEN - Pork Chop 1 x 240-280gm Sold Out
FROZEN - Pork Midloin Steaks 2 x 170-190gm (360gm total)
FROZEN - Spanish Iberian Pork, Mid Loin Steaks, 3 x 100gm
FROZEN - Pork  Midloin Roast (Rindless), 900 - 1kg
Frozen - Pure Pork All Day All Rounder Sausage, Approx 500g Pack
FROZEN - Pure Pork Breakfast Early Riser Sausage, Approx 500g Pack
Chilled - Free Range Pork Rack 10 Rib Sold Out
FROZEN - Free Range Pork Rack 10 Rib Sold Out
Fresh Smoked Organic Austrian Game Cabanossi
Fresh Smoked Organic Austrian Game Snack Stick
Frozen - NZ Saveloy Sausage
Frozen - NZ Saveloy Sausage/Sauce