Australian Pork

Our Australian Pork is from Long River in Australia's who has a focused on delivering high quality consistent products to consumers through supermarkets, butchers, food service businesses and smallgoods processors.
FROZEN - Lean Pork Mince 250gm
FROZEN - Lean Pork Mince, 4 x 250gm On Sale
$196.00 $185.00
FROZEN - Pork Tenderloin, 450-550gm
FROZEN - Pork Midloin Steaks 2 x 170-190gm (360gm total) Sold Out
FROZEN - Pork  Midloin Roast (Rindless), 1kg - 1.5kg
FROZEN - Murray Valley Rack of Pork (Rindless), 1.9 -2.1kg
FROZEN - Pork Collar Butt (Rindless), 1.1-1.4kg Sold Out
FROZEN - Pork Chop 1 x 240-280gm Sold Out
Fresh Shoulder Ham, Semi Boneless (3kg) Sold Out