What Do You Use a Thermomix For?

This has to be one of the most frequent questions I get, once I mention I have a Thermomix. A Thermomix isn’t a cheap piece of kitchen kit, it’s expensive and many people want to know if the benefits of having one, are justified by the price tag. It is...

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Happy Easter! Wherever You Are I hope it's Lamby - Round 3 of 3

Another Easy Pleaser! This is an interesting recipe that goes in the 'unusual' category the first time we make it for people but it rapidly becomes a favourite, it borders on being middle eastern but you can change up the spices and tickle your tastebuds in different ways with it....

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Happy Easter - Wherever You Are, I hope It's Lamby! The Shoulder

Easter with the Glass Jar Kitchen and we'recoming to you from the Margaret River. Lamb Shoulder with Anchovies and Rosemary - Easter Lamb No2 Another favourite at dinner parties and family Sunday Lunches. Shoulder tends to have a bad reputation as being fatty and stringy, I think that’s because it needs...

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