New Zealand Turkeys

New Zealand/Australia Turkey


New Zealand free range Turkeys. Naturally raised on open paddocks, producing up to 35% breast meat, great value for money.

Our free range turkeys spend their days roaming around our fresh green paddocks, pecking and nibbling away as they explore the farm. At night the turkeys are moved into the sheds to prevent exposure to harsh weather conditions and protect them from predators.

To supplement their natural diet, our free range turkeys are fed a grain formula and are not given any hormones or steroids. All feed is formulated to meet strict FREPNZ  and Austrlian SQF Standard. All of our turkeys have absolutely no additives.

Australian - Whole Free Range Turkey 4.8kg
FROZEN - New Zealand Whole Free Range Turkey 4kg Sold Out
FROZEN - New Zealand Whole Free Range Turkey 7kg Sold Out