Chilled Seafood

Our salmon range comes from New Zealand. A unique breed of King Salmon. Sustainably farmed within an ocean certified aqua farm. Which runs at approximately 96% water and 4% salmon, to ensure salmon are free to swim. Salmon is also free of antibiotics, vaccines, steroids and colouring pellets, which is all to prevalent in many of the worlds densely populated salmon farms.

Our selection of white fish is all wild long line caught mainly from New Zealand, some also coming from Australia and Patagonia. All certified by Friends of the Sea or Marine Stewardship Council.

Plenty of other varieties of seafood are also available, through the new ownership of Farmers Market, Hooked Fish Gallery.

Scallops, Mussels, Oysters, Scampi, Prawns (both whole and meat only), Calamari, Sardines and Anchovies, along with broths and spreads.

NOTE:  If you are ordering frozen seafood there maybe an expiry date on the packet however that expiry date is only for fresh products, once frozen the product can be kept for 6 months frozen after that date.

If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to email us at or whatspp us on +852 9556 0070



Frozen - Wild Caught Scampi
CHILLED - New Zealand Fresh Salmon Fillets, 5 x 150-190gm On Sale
$820.00 $620.00
CHILLED - New Zealand TWO SIDES Fresh Salmon (Whole Fillet), 1.1kg-1.4kg On Sale
$2,796.00 $1,720.00
CHILLED NZ Wild Whole Snapper 1.6kg to 1.9kg Sold Out
Fresh Barramundi Fillets, 5 x 180-220gm Sold Out
FROZEN - Wild Caught Tiger Raw Prawns, 1.3kg
CHILLED - New Zealand Fresh King Salmon (Whole Side Fillet), 1.1kg-1.4kg
CHILLED - New Zealand King Salmon Single Fillet 180-200gm On Sale
$182.50 $155.00
FROZEN - New Zealand 3 Packs x of Portioned 5 Salmon Fillets 150 - 190g each On Sale
$1,800.00 $1,789.00
CHILLED - Barramundi Fillets, 2 x 150-190gm
CHILLED - NZ Yellowtail Kingfish 190g to 220g Sold Out
New Zealand Fresh King Salmon Sashimi Grade
CHILLED - New Zealand King Salmon Single Fillet Approx 500g
FROZEN - Tiger Raw Prawns ( Shelloff) 500g Bags0
FROZEN - NZ Yellowtail Kingfish 2 x 220g to 250g Sold Out
CHILLED(previously snap frozen) - NZ Blue Cod 2 x 225g to 250g each fillet
Wild Caught Patagonian Toothfish 250g to 270g
CHILLED - NZ John Dory  180g to 220g Two Fillets Sold Out
CHILLED - NZ Tarakihi 2 x 180g - 220g fillet each
CHILLED - Whole New Zealand King Salmon (approx 5.0 to 5.5kg)3
CHILLED NZ 2 x Blue Warehou 180g to 200g Fillets Sold Out

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