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100% grass fed beef and lamb from the Saphire coast of NSW Australia, fresh salmon from Huon in Tasmania, Chicken from Golden Farms in Melbourne, Pork from Rivalea in Melbourne, and more.

Traceability and customer service are key qualities Farmers Market brings to the meat market in Hong Kong. We select one source for each product to sell and we don’t alter our standards on quality over price. Products we source are all naturally farmed, well treated animals on ethical farms and are all from sustainable sources.

Order before 12 noon Mon-Fri and we will deliver your order the next day. All of our deliveries are made using SF Express chilled trucks so we can ensure a stable temperature whilst in transit. There is no minimum order spend and orders over $600 have free delivery and orders under $800 have a $70 delivery fee.

If our products are sold chilled then that means they have not been previously frozen. If we do sell frozen items we deliver these items frozen not thawed. Fresh from the farm gate to your plate.

Farmer’s Market, Premium Online Butcher

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Hong Kong is rightly famous for quality in culinary preparation, and the best dishes start with the best ingredients. For your meat delivery in Hong Kong, you should choose Farmer's Market for lots of different reasons.

This is because we stock all the best Australian-sourced meats in Hong Kong, always delivering freshness, quality, and value. When it comes to the available variety of meats that we offer in Hong Kong, Farmer's Market does not disappoint.

We make it so easy for our customers to get access to the best quality meat online in Hong Kong as our ordering process isn’t complicated, and delivery times are fast. As the finest international butcher in the region and the most trusted online butcher in Hong Kong, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers with each and every order that we receive.

We are your number one source for:

Also many more things are available, so whatever it is you need, just call and request it, and we’ll be very happy to help.

Quality Meats & Fast Delivery

We provide meat delivery in Hong Kong every day to a wide range of residential and commercial establishments including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and private homes everywhere. We are famous for providing speedy service and excellent quality.

Why Australian-sourced Meat Is So Good

Australian meat and poultry is the best choice because of the strict industry regulations and because of Australia's strict quarantine laws. Both of these factors help to keep the Australian agricultural industry one of the cleanest and most pure in the world.

Another thing about Australia is that it provides ideal conditions for meat production, and it is also among the leading countries in the world when it comes to agricultural research.

The Australian farms that we source our meats and seafood from avoid using any hormones and antibiotics on livestock, which means a safer and healthier product for the end consumer and for our environment.

We bring restaurant quality products to the retail market in HK

Farmer's Market sources meat only from Australian farms that meet our high standards and can assure us of strict quality control. The result is excellence in every product, without exception. It works because we know which farms will provide the best quality and that means we can consistently deliver meat throughout Hong Kong that is up to these very high standards.

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